Professional recording mixing and mastering.

Take your music to the next level! You can expect only the best quality recording, polished mixing and professional mastering at a competitive rate. The new headquarters are located in Warsaw, besides the exotic location in the ancient town of Ohrid. If you are only looking for mixing and mastering of your material, you can send your song files easily and quickly from anywhere in the world.  Here, your music is always in good hands.

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The quality of the recording determines good professional production. Experience and top gear give confidence in this first important step.

Mixing / Online Mixing

After recording, the mixing is the most important part of the production. Crucial listening and mixing techniques along with the big experience can provide you the best results. Also, you can send me your recordings digitally, to help you with the mix.


The last instance of a production is the mastering. Critical listening in very good sound surrounding is a must.  Client satisfaction means everything to me, so I work extensively on every song until absolute perfection is achieved.

Reamping / Remote Reamping

These days plugins are getting very good and you can record your guitar or bass tracks in direct line using plugins, but the sound generated by a full volume speaker and captured by a microphone in an acoustically treated environment is still preferable. Kemper is also at your disposal.

Audio Editing / Pocketing

Get your tracks polished and ready to be mixed. Gain staging, noise removing, cleaning the tracks where need it. Even if the musicians nail their parts in tracking, there may be small, subtle timing difference between the various instruments, few hours of pocketing and can be done unnoticeably.

Live Drum Tracks / Drums programming

Some songs need live drums tracking, some need drums programming, you have it all here with 20 years of experience in studio.

Full music production

Whether a band or solo artist, let me guide you thru the whole process from the recording to the mastering and bring your music to life!

Mobile and location recording

Bring the recording studio to you! If you prefer recording at your comfortable and cozy place, the racks with professional gear are ready to record your performance with  32bit, 24bit, or 16bit depth at 44100Hz to 192000Hz sample rate.

My work

Eden's Shore
MelissaEden's Shore
Haunted Victoria
Real man
Haunted VictoriaReal man
Mickey Was A Friend Of Mine
GFJFMickey Was A Friend Of Mine
Haunted Victoria
Dream breaker
Haunted VictoriaDream breaker

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